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ACCA SBL Course (Free Trial)

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It is a Free Trial for our ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Full Course. Selected videos, notes, and practice materials are included in the ACCA SBL Free Trial. It is designed to familiarize you with our course structure and style, helping you understand our principles in assisting you to pass the exam quickly and efficiently. If you are seeking a comprehensive solution to aid in your exam preparation to support your success, enroll in this Free Trial today to experience. If you decide to purchase our ACCA SBL Full Course, you will gain access to the SBL Tuition, Revision Plus Mock Package, and a wide range of valuable resources. The full course provides you with 50 hours of self-paced online videos accessible for 20 weeks. In summary, the full course offers the following features: It includes - - Commencing by taught course with a comprehensive cover on all areas in ACCA Study Hub, followed by revision course which introduces a simple step by step approach to achieving success in the ACCA SBL Exam (RAMSET). - Email/WhatsApp Support: Benefit from our dedicated Email/WhatsApp support, where our tutor will provide prompt responses to your questions, ensuring your studies stay on track. - The course is underpinned by all of the core areas of SBL syllabus in Mindmap format (downloadable mind map). - The course culminates with videos, quizzes and mock exam covering ACCA SBL syllabus for June 2024 sitting. - Mock Exam: An exam-style mock exam based on published pre-seen materials is written for you to practice before real exam comes. (Solutions will be provided for self-marking.) - Comprehensive Pre-Seen Analysis: Before the end of May 2024, Paul will provide you with in-depth analysis and debriefing on the materials. Join our course now!

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