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ACCA FA (Financial Accounting)
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ACCA FA (Financial Accounting) or Foundation in Accountancy (FFA) is one of the papers included in the Applied Knowledge Module. The syllabus aims to provide an introduction to the following areas of knowledge and understanding:

  1. Underlying principles and concepts related to financial accounting.

  2. Technical proficiency in the application of double-entry accounting techniques.

  3. Preparation of basic financial statements.

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In examiner’s report, it highlights some areas that many students performance can be improved such as understanding of errors that may occur in financial statements, record share issue in financial statements and reconciliation of control account and ledger balances.  


Examiner states that Financial Accounting paper requires you to have a thorough understanding of financial accounting techniques and the capability of preparing financial statements for both single and group entities.


It is not rare to find the wrong formats of financial statements are presented by students.

Therefore, you should pay extra care on writing the correct format of financial statements as these marks are considered as easy marks.


Syllabus in brief

ACCA FA serves as one of the foundational papers to commence your ACCA professional qualification journey.

The syllabus of ACCA FA familiarizes you with essential financial accounting techniques, enabling you to proficiently utilize double-entry accounting techniques in the preparation of fundamental financial statements, such as the Statement of Financial Position and the Statement of Profit and Loss.


ACCA FA forms a fundamental basis for ACCA FR (Financial Reporting), particularly in the areas of accounting standards and the preparation of financial statements. Gaining a mastery of these techniques in ACCA FA provides you with an advantage when studying ACCA FR.

FA Course
ACCA FA Online Course
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    Absolutely! One of our strengths lies in our course design, which emphasizes practice and mock exams. We follow a step-by-step learning approach, where practice questions are provided after each chapter, and a comprehensive mock exam is offered after the completion of a taught course. Additionally, our revision course includes revision questions and two additional mock exams. These components are specifically designed to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence level for the actual exam.
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