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ACCA BT (Business & Technology)
Guides, Practice & Mock Exam

ACCA BT (Business and Technology), also known as Foundation in Accountancy (FBT), is a paper within the Applied Knowledge Module. The syllabus aims to introduce and develop knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  1. Business and its environment: Exploring the various factors that shape the business landscape and understanding their impact on organizations.

  2. Organizational structure: Examining how external influences contribute to the design and structure of organizations.

  3. Role of accounting and key business functions: Recognizing the significance of accounting and other essential business functions in promoting efficient, effective, and ethical management practices.

  4. Organizational development: Understanding how organizations evolve and grow, along with the importance of nurturing their people and implementing effective systems.

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The ACCA BT syllabus is divided into six distinct areas. Notably, ACCA BT is characterized by its broad coverage of subjects, requiring a superficial understanding of each topic rather than an in-depth exploration.


Considering this characteristic, we recommend that students allocate time to grasp the basic concepts of each subject and then focus on practicing exam-style questions. Based on our experience, this approach proves to be the most effective way to study for ACCA BT, and our course design adheres to this principle.

Although ACCA encourages students to study comprehensively, it is common for students to perform better in certain areas compared to others. For instance, they might excel in basic accounting concepts, internal control, personal management techniques, conflict resolution questions, and some management theories. However, they may face relative challenges in "softer" areas such as corporate governance and professional ethics.


ACCA BT Online Course
  • How do I access the online course materials?
    Our online learning platform is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS. You can access our platform using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. However, for a superior learning experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop device.
  • Is there a specific schedule for the course, or can I study at my own pace?
    Our online tuition are designed as on-demand courses, allowing you the flexibility to study at your own pace. While we provide a suggested sequence for the course content, you have the freedom to begin your studies in any area you prefer. Our courses remain open to students for 16 weeks. Please note that after this period, access to the course will no longer be available.
  • Can I interact with the tutor or ask questions during the course?
    Sure! Our tutor is available for support via email. Please note that response times may vary depending on different time zones. However, we strive to respond to inquiries within 12 hours to ensure timely assistance. The email support will be ended once the course is finished.
  • Will I receive a certificate or any form of recognition upon completion?
    We do not provide certificates for course completion. However, if you require proof of your course participation, please send a request to our email address: We will be happy to assist you.
  • Are there any practices or mock exams during the course?
    Absolutely! One of our strengths lies in our course design, which emphasizes practice and mock exams. We follow a step-by-step learning approach, where practice questions are provided after each chapter, and a comprehensive mock exam is offered after the completion of a taught course. Additionally, our revision course includes revision questions and two additional mock exams. These components are specifically designed to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence level for the actual exam.
  • Are there any additional costs associated with the course, such as textbooks or supplementary materials?
    No. The fee you pay including all online lecture notes, practices and mock exams.
  • How can I purchase the online course?
    To purchase a course, simply navigate to the Course page and choose the specific course you are interested in. Click on the "Register Now" button and you will be redirected to a payment page. Then, you input the credit card or debit card details and once all information are input, click "Buy Now" button to proceed.
  • Can I access the online course once the payment is made?
    In most cases, once payment is made, students can immediately access our online learning platform. After logging in as a member, you can navigate to the "My Program" section, where your online course will be available. However, in rare instances, we may encounter difficulties verifying your payment, resulting in a temporary hold on your access to the online platform. If you experience such an issue, we recommend contacting your credit card or debit card company to address any potential payment-related concerns.
  • Why do I need to provice my ACCA student number to you?
    In order to enhance both the quality of our courses and students' chances of passing the exam, we participate in the ACCA result service. We require your ACCA student number, student name, and date of birth. Please note that this information will only be shared with the ACCA for the explicit purpose of facilitating the ACCA result service. The data will be destroyed once the course is ended.
  • Is there a refund policy if I am unable to complete the course?
    We do not offer refunds after purchase. However, we do provide an option to defer your enrollment once to the next exam, given you can provide proof of exam registration. Please note that there may be a charge associated with the deferral. Therefore, we strongly recommend carefully considering any commitments that may affect your studies before enrolling and selecting the exam you wish to study for wisely.
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