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ACCA MA (Management Accounting)
Exam Study Checklist & Resources

This page is your go-to guide for figuring out what are needed to prepare your ACCA MA/FMA (was F2) exam. 


Whether you’ll be self-study or joining tuition course, you’ll find most everything you’ll need here.


We put our effort to prepare the list; we hope you’ll find it helpful.

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1. Syllabus and study guide

ACCA MA Syllabus & Study Guide Cover.jpg

Before start your plan, it is suggested to read through the syllabus to understand the requirement and exam structure. Just click below to download the syllabus.

ACCA MA/FMA 2020/21 Syllabus

2. Get an ACCA approved textbook

ACCA MA textbook.jpg

No matter you decide to prepare the exam with self-study or taking tuition course, buying an ACCA approved study text book is an important step in your journey to exam.

3. Join a course helping you to pass

ACCA_X_MA course_Photo.jpg

There are many courses, either paid or free, offered in the market. ACCA-X online courses is one of them which is developed by ACCA to students around the world.  

4. Study Planner

ACCA_MA_Study Planner.jpg

Once you have read through the syllabus and bought an ACCA approved textbook, you need to plan your study. We prepare a study planner to help you. Download it for FREE!

ACCA MA/FMA Study Planner

5. Brief Notes & Supplementary Readings

Notes Cover.jpg

ACCA publishes supplementary readings on some important topics. We put them together, make our notes and add exam style questions for you. Download it for FREE!

ACCA MA/FMA Brief Notes

6. Practice Questions

ACCA MA Practice.jpg

ACCA advises students practice as many exam style questions as possible. Buying an ACCA approved Revision Kit or freely practice in our questions bank.

7. Examiner Comments

Giving a Lecture

Do you know examiner would like to share his tips?  ACCA publishes examiner comments by telling you what they expect you in exam. We summarize them to help you. 

8. Mock Exams

Person Writing

Examiner advises students to take mock exam under a time constrained environment. Try the mock exam by us or go to ACCA website to work the specimen exam.

Other Useful Resources
ACCA Relational Diagram of Papers

Relational Chart

Do you know the relation between different papers?  This diagram is a good reference to you to plan well on your road to ACCA qualification. 


Click the button below to download, it is free!


You can read our article for more! 

Mind Maps_MA_Section A.jpg

Mind Maps

Mind maps help your study in two ways: 1. Planning your study; 2. Revision to ensure no key concepts are missed.


Five mind maps are prepared for you to download, just click to read all of them! 

ACCA Management Accounting (MA, F2) Formulae Sheet

Formulae Sheet

You will be provided with the following in the ACCA exam:

  • Formulae as per the formulae sheet;

  • Net present value and annuity tables.

Technical Articles

It is a section sharing with you on ACCA Management Accounting (MA, was F2) technical articles to help you understanding of complex concepts in simple way.  In addition, you can find exam tips in our examiner review report on ACCA Management Accounting exam.


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Note: Resources listed above, most of them, are free to you. Some of them aren’t and contain affiliate links. I will earn a small commission for any purchases you make, though there is no extra cost to you. 

The products or services I recommend only I use them myself or after my investigation and truly believe they are useful to you. Don’t forget there are many other options out there – these are simply my preferred choices.

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