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ACCA MA (Management Accounting)
Questions Bank for Practice

Practice! Practice! PRACTICE!


It is always mentioned by ACCA Examiner to advise how to pass ACCA exams.

It is the purpose we set up this question bank for you to practice.


However, you are not only practicing the questions but also understand why and how the answers to come out.

It is important, especially, in the questions asking you to apply your knowledge.


In Management Accounting (MA) / FMA paper, all questions are compulsory.


The 2-hour computer-based exam will assess all parts of the syllabus and will test knowledge and some comprehensive or application of this knowledge.

Section A includes 35 two-mark objective test questions covering all areas in the syllabus.


Section B comprises 3 ten-mark multi-task questions and each of which will Budgeting, Standard costing and Performance measurement sections of the syllabus.


In other words, Section A contributes 70% of total marks while Section B shares another 30%.

There are 6 sections in Management Accounting (MA) syllabus, you can find out the questions in each section by just click the buttons below.

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