ACCA SBL : Mapping of key syllabus areas from previous level exams

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

ACCA Strategic Business Leader (ACCA SBL) paper is scheduled its first exam in September 2018.

SBL syllabus covers the main topics from existing paper, P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3, Business Analysis.

Source: ACCA website, Syllabus and Study Guide - September 2018

In short, ACCA SBL has 9 areas which are –

A. Leadership

B. Governance

C. Strategy

D. Risk

E. Technology and data analytics

F. Organisational control and audit

G. Finance in planning and decision making

I. Professional skills

H. Innovation, performance excellence and change management

Area I, Professional skills, is addressed in the ethics and professional skills module which will not be covered here.

ACCA exam team suggests more on using commercial judgement as to which may apply and understand how those knowledge may be used in the real business situations.

However, an emphasis on more practical and application of knowledge in the case based exam.

In addition to existing P1 and P3 knowledge, ACCA exam team suggests students to bring forward the knowledge from the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills examinations.

Don’t worry on all detailed calculations or technique required to do at both Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills examinations, they are not tested in ACCA SBL.

But you need to know how to apply those knowledge in the cases presented in SBL exam.

In this article, I am glad to share with you what you need to bring forward from -

and with reference to ACCA SBL Specimen examinations, that help you to familiarize with the exam content and style quickly. You can click HERE to have full understanding of SBL exam.

ACCA exam team suggests a long list covering all different papers topics are required to bring into SBL exam but only FOUR areas are important –

  • Leadership

  • Risk

  • Financial in planning and decision making

  • Organisational control and audit


In ACCA SBL, Leadership covers 3 topics –

  • Qualities of leader