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If you retake F9, here are some thoughts to you

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Although F9 examiner said Sep 17 results are good with 47% pass rate, there are still 53% of the students are required to retake. Based on my teaching experience as well as examiner’s comments, I try to find the possible issues for fail and suggest on what to focus in next few weeks study.

First of all, you are better to know why you failed in last attempt. Probably you are fully aware of it. But if you are not sure, here are the possible reasons based on your marks.

45 – 49: Also known as marginal fail, it’s likely the fail is because of poor exam technique;

35 – 44: It’s likely you demonstrate good knowledge in some areas, e.g. calculation questions (NPV / cash operating cycle), but that’s not enough for you to pass as you are weak in other areas;

26 – 34: It’s likely only 1 or 2 areas you are good at;

Below 25: Likely lack of knowledge on F9 syllabus.

If you are lack of knowledge of some areas, your study plan should focus on these areas. But how about you are confident on your knowledge but still fail? Perhaps you are not strong in exam technique and here are some ideas for you to focus on your study to improve your exam technique.

Exam Technique

Time Management: It’s always true to manage your time efficiently in exam hall so you can complete all questions within the time allowed. However, you cannot do it in the exam hall without good preparation on exam technique. One way to prepare is practice past exam questions. Try to work out a mock exam with the time allowed and mark it after. Being strict to yourself before exam day is the most effective way for you to manage your time in exam hall.

Reading requirements: Answer the question asked, not the question you would like to be asked. In addition, please pay attention on the verb as it tells you what answers are expected. If it says “Identify”, “Define”, its knowledge based only and you can list out the answers. But if the question uses the words “Evaluate” “Comment”, then, you are required to use your own words with supporting theory to answer.

Application: ACCA exam is always testing how you apply your knowledge. Make sure that you make the most of every question you do. When you practice past exam questions, compare what you answered to the suggested answer and learn on both knowledge applied and exam techniques. Treating every question practiced as a learning opportunity is important.

Final tips to you is Focus on the quality of your revision rather than quantity. Do less questions well is better than doing a lot of questions badly in your revision. Wish you all good luck and pass F9 exam in your next attempt!

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