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ACCA Financial Reporting (FR)
Mock Exam

ACCA Financial Reporting (FR) is a 3-hour computer based exam and all questions are compulsory.


You will be assessed all parts of the syllabus and will be tested knowledge and some comprehensive or application of this knowledge.

Section A includes 15 two-mark objective test questions covering all areas in the syllabus.


Section B comprises three 10-mark cases while 5 objective test questions in each case. Questions set cover all areas in the syllabus.

Section C consists of 2 long questions and each worth 20 marks, focuses on preparation of single entity financial statements and consolidation financial statements.  


Our exam style mock exams cover Section A and Section B, objective test questions (or Multiple Choice Questions "MCQ") while a report will be showed to you once you complete the mock exam so that you know your strength and weakness for improvement.

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