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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Eric just decides to join ACCA as a student member aiming to be an accounting professional. However, he knows very little about ACCA exam and has no idea on how to plan his path to success. I draw a relational diagram to him showing links of each papers which helps.

Some papers are directly underpinned by other papers, they are direct link with each other. However, some papers only have indirect relationships with each other which means only a small portion of the contents are linked.

ACCA Relational Diagram of Papers

Knowledge Module (F1 – F3): All papers in this module are linked directly to papers in more advanced module. F1 links to P1 and P3, F2 links to F5 and F3 links to F7. F1 is always considered as an easy paper. F2 and F3 are better to take by considering which papers to attempt in next module.

Skills Module (F4 – F9): Except F4, all papers in Skills Module are direct linked to different Professional Module papers. F7 direct links to P2 which is an essential paper in Professional Module. F5, F6, F8 and F9 are directly linked to P5, P6, P7 and P4 which are optional papers in Professional Module. Optional paper is very specialised in a particular area. In addition to the performances of Skills Module papers attempted, there are other factors to consider on choosing optional papers such as area of interests, expertise, working experience and so on. Students are encouraged to discuss with their tutors or mentors to decide which optional papers to go for in order to increase their chances to success.

Indirect Link: Even they are not strongly linked with each other, students are better to know their relationship so that they can plan which paper should take first. For example -

- F7 is better to take before F8 or do both together as some of F8 contents are from F7 knowledge.

- P2 is better to attempt before or together with P7 following the same logic.

- The approach to question is similar between P3 and P5. If students are confident in P3 style, P5 maybe an option for better chance to pass.

Students can consider these factors in choosing their optional papers.

I hope this short article can help Eric as well as other students have the same question to plan their ACCA exam.

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