Redundancy: What Actions Do You Take To Move Forward

It used to be the case that people could get a job and expect to stay there for as long as they wished. That is no longer the case and we should realistically anticipate 3 or 4 job changes in our working lives.

When we are faced with redundancy, we often feel as though we are out of control. Something is happening to us that we don’t want and we feel hurt, sad, anxious and resistant to that change.

You need to start today to get your affairs in order. If the ax falls you will be in a much better position than your coworkers. If you follow these steps and nothing happens you will still be much better off than you are now.

Update Your Resume

First off, is your resume up to date? If you have not updated it in a few years, now is the time. You may want to consider hiring a professional to do it for you. You need to put your best foot forward. You want to be able to start sending it out before or right after you become unemployed. Searching for a new job can be a full time job by itself. Do you job skills need updating?

While you are still working may be a good time to take a few classes and update your skills or start training for a new career. You may want to sign up with a temp agency now so they can place you later. Advantages of temp agencies are they pay well, they find a job for you, you won’t be competing for a position with dozens of others and you can usually start immediately.

Start networking

Ask everyone you know if they know of any job openings. If you have not lost your job yet, explain to them you may be laid off and will be looking for a new job. Maybe they can give you a contact name within their company.

Someone to send your resume to letting them know if they have any openings in the future you would like to be considered. Start the process now. It is not what you know, it is who you know.

Clear of Your Financials

Get your financial house in order. This is always easier said than done. If you are like most people you may already be living paycheck to paycheck and there is nothing extra. If you become unemployed you need as much cash as possible to carry you through.

In addition, these 5 tips can help you feel more in control of your financial situation:

1. Take a long, hard look at your monthly bills. Are in up to your neck in debt? Now is the time to tighten your belt and try to get a handle on the interest rates you are currently paying. Can you pay down some of your debt right away? Transfer to another, lower rate credit card? Should you refinance your mortgage or home equity loan? Now would be the time to take care of this, not after you’ve received your pink slip.

2. What can you trim in your monthly budget? Stop buying those lattes every morning and save about $80 in one month. Watch through Netflix instead of going to the movies. You are the only one who can decide what you can and cannot live without, but these are two good examples of the latter. Cut back on your dining out and you’ll see more green in your wallet right now, when you need it the most.

3. Be more aware as you pull out your wallet for every day expenses and decide if you really need to buy that item. Now is not the time for a shopping spree to cheer you up. Instead, make an effort to be more aware of where your money goes every day, every week.

4. With gas prices sky-rocketing, should you consider buying a hybrid car, or at least one that gets better mileage? Do it now, while you’re still employed. See if the dealership offers any customer incentives such as a rebate or lowered interest rate on the loan.

5. Do you know what benefits at work you are entitled to? Take the time now to ask the Human Resources department what benefits you’re currently enrolled in. If you have health insurance, be sure to get any physicals or medical tests now to make use of this benefit. Take advantage of any dental or vision coverage you may have- get those eyeglasses or contact lenses updated now or schedule a visit for a check-up at the dentist. Those co-pays are a whole lot cheaper than paying full-price later.

Bonus Tips

Last but not the least, I would like to share the tips during this difficult time. Job lost is probably an opportunity to you after years of work.

  1. Ensure that there is balance between your work and personal life.

  2. It can be useful even when you are employed to periodically check out what other employment is available. Send off for job specifications as this may indicate to you what prospective employees are looking for. You will also become clearer about how marketable you are.

  3. Have some contingency plan.

  4. After the shock has worn off, try to look at your situation as an opportunity for positive change rather than as a problem.

  5. Take control by taking action, rather than ruminating and worrying which tends to exacerbate situations.

  6. Do some brainstorming exercises to generate ideas about what else you may be able to do.

  7. Explore whether your skills and experience to date are transferable to other areas.

  8. If you can afford to, it can sometimes be helpful to go away for a few days where you are removed from the situation and may be able to see things more clearly.

  9. Sometimes sharing your concerns with others is useful as they may have had similar experiences and will be able to empathise with you and perhaps share ideas about how to manage this change.

  10. Optimise your ability to cope with this change by paying attention to your general health. Ensure you eat properly, take regular exercise and have adequate sleep.

Being aware of the situation, planning and taking action makes you feel more in control of your life. Sure, you can’t do anything about being laid-off and in most cases, (unless you committed gross misconduct on the job) it’s not your fault. It’s a management decision that will probably wind up changing your life for the better. See this as a new opportunity, not as a loss, and your positive attitude will help you find a new job soon. Good luck!

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