How to Enroll ACCA Course

APC is our recommended online learning institute for ACCA courses. Supported by an ACCA Gold status Approved Learning Partner, APC enjoys good reputation in ACCA training to students around the world.

Here are the steps to enroll APC ACCA online courses which are clearly stating how to take the course.

Step 1

Read through the course descriptions and watch the course sample video. Once you are happy with it, click the “Enroll” button

Step 2

Confirm the ACCA paper which is the one you want to join the class, click “Enroll” button

Step 3

Click the package for the course. For ACCA papers BT, MA, FA, LW, PM, FR, AA and FM, Basic Package is offered. For ACCA papers SBR, AFM, APM and AAA, Super Package is offered.

Step 4

Choose the course name and the date you will join the exam, then click "Add to Cart".

Step 5

Details in the Cart show what you order, click “View Cart” to see

Step 6

An order summary shows what you order, if all the details are correct, click “Check out with PayPal” (the yellow button)

Step 7

A PayPal screen is popped up. If you have PayPal account, you can put your account number and password for payment; if you don’t have PayPal account, you can click “Pay with a Card” (Grey button) to use credit card for payment.

If you have any problem in enrolling the course, you can leave any comments below and we are more than happy to help.