ACCA Pass Rates September 2018 Exam: Part 2 Tips (Focus on SBL, SBR, AFM, APM & AAA)

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

ACCA published September 2018 exam pass rates for each paper.

It is great to have 3,668 students are becoming ACCA affiliates after ACCA September 2018 exam.

Congratulations to all of them.

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September 2018 exam unveils the new chapter of ACCA professional exam qualification. It consists of 3 major changes in Strategic Professional –

  • A new paper, Strategic Business Leader, introduced to replace two former professional module papers, P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3 Business Analysis;

  • A new paper, Strategic Business Reporting, replaced P2 Corporate Reporting while the question design and requirements are changed even the syllabus doesn’t do;

  • All questions in all strategic professional papers are compulsory.

September 2018 pass rates for Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills module exam, the performance is similar to those papers in the past.

But for Strategic Professional exam, it is not very encouraging as we find the pass rates are a bit lower than the papers at similar content before (such as P2, P4 and P7).

ACCA Pass Rates September 2018

It is always important to review examiner comments as they are highly regarded as the exam tips directly from the authority. No matter you will attempt December 2018 or any future exam, they are the ‘tips’ to you.

Let’s start the sharing of what examiners tell you need to pay attention in next exam!

Strategic Professional Module Pass Rates

ACCA Pass Rates September 2018 (SBL, SBR, AFM, APM, ATX, AAA)

The new professional module pass rates send two messages to me that I would like to share:

  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL) pass rate is even at the lower range as compared to previous P1 and P3, it is still better than expected and optional paper;

  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) syllabus is more or less the same as P2 (Corporate Reporting) but the change in exam format caused a drop in pass rate and you need to pay extra care of knowing what is required;

  • All questions in all strategic professional papers are compulsory that time management in each paper is improved but not many students enjoy as pass rates drop.

ACCA SBL – Reading and Planning is the key to pass

It is a 4-hour exam with a single compulsory section.

The marking scheme included 80 technical marks for the correct use and application of technical knowledge.

In addition, 20 marks are for professional skills and competencies.

Generally, you need to take note of the following in order to do well in SBL:

  • Spend sufficient time to read case study materials including all exhibits and make sufficient reference to them in your answer;

  • Planning how to answer is important because it ensures important points are produced logically, the reading and planning time is suggested to be 40 minutes;

  • It is recommended to answer the requirements in order especially examiner considers future exams may follow a timeline or have question requirements that progress in other ways.

Professional skills tested in this attempt include analysis, commercial acumen, scepticism, evaluation and communication.

There are two parts in question 1.