ACCA Exam Development

ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of worldwide recognized professional accountancy bodies. With its long history establishment, ACCA is also well known by many employers, government officials and academic institutions. In 1974, ACCA received UK Royal Charter, recognising the excellent quality of our core qualification.

Four Exam Sessions a Year

With growing number of students to more than 480,000 , ACCA has started to offer 4 exam sessions a year since 2016. This new arrangement aims to 1) spread your workload and maximise the chances of success, 2) structure your studies so you can take additional exams over a calendar year and move faster on your journey to membership, and 3) take any potential resits sooner and progress through the exams quicker.

Computer-Based Exam (CBE)

In addition, ACCA introduces Computer-Based Exam (CBE) in which it divides into On Demand CBE and Session CBE. Session CBE is applicable for ACCA Paper F5, F6 UK, F7, F8 and F9. From March 2018, F5–F9 will only be available to take by session Computer-Based Exam (CBE) in the UK (and the following markets: China, Dubai, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Pakistan, Slovakia, Sri Lanka). This means that the last paper session for F5–F9 in the UK and these markets will be December 2017.

New Professional Level Structure in September 2018

ACCA is redesigning the Professional level. Looking ahead, it will become Strategic Professional from September 2018. With the introduction of Strategic Business Leader, the current P1 (Governance, Risk and Ethics) and P3 (Business Analysis) will be withdrawn. In Strategic Business Reporting, ACCA take the qualification’s current holistic view of reporting into a new dimension. The syllabus will retain the existing technical content of P2 Corporate Reporting. ACCA Options exams (P4 – P7) remain available, offering the unique opportunity to specialise in areas of greatest relevance to a chosen sector or career path.

With a lot of changes in the past few years and in 2018, we believe the key to success in ACCA exam is to have the up-to-date information from ACCA as well as a partner in guiding you. Stay tune with Got it Pass and we would like to provide any latest information to you.

  1. Reference from ACCA Integrated report 2016.

  2. Only exams F4-P7 (limited variants) will be available during the March and September exam sessions. All variants will be available during the June and December exam sessions.

  3. Details of CBE roll-out schedule for each country, please refer to



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