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ACCA Advanced Performance Management Super Package


Steve Chen

Accounting Practise Center

Course Brief

Chapter 1: Introduction to Performance Management; Chapter 2: Help Company Succeed; Chapter 3: Performance Management in Detail Overview; Chapter 4: Value Based Management; Chapter 5: How to Manage Environmental Aspects; Chapter 6: How to Manage Cost Part; Chapter 7: Budgeting & Standard Costing; Chapter 8: Activity Based Management; Chapter 9: How to Manage Quality; Chapter 10: How to Manage Human Beings; Chapter 11: How to Manage Organisations; Chapter 12: Business Process Management; Chapter 13: Supply Chain Management; Chapter 14: How to Manage Divisions; Chapter 15: Other Tools for Performance Management; Chapter 16: Manage Information System; Chapter 17: Performance Management in Not-for-Profit Organisations

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About this Course

1) On demand tuition videos (~40 hours); 2) Tuition study notes (PDF Format); 3) On demand revision videos (~15 hours); 4) Revision study notes (PDF Format); 5) Tutor support (within 24 hours via email); 6) Mock exam marking with feedback; 7) Pass guarantee (Terms and conditions apply)


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ALP Gold status is granted to it's group company, AiPeiSi

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