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ACCA-X Business and Technology


Brian Coyle


Course Brief

Content in brief: 1) Types of businesses, their purposes, and their interactions with stakeholders and the external environment; 2) Business organisational structure, functions and the role of corporate governance; 3) The function of accountancy and audit; 4) The principles of authority, leadership and team management; 5) Personal effectiveness as the basis for effective team and organisational behavior; 6) Upholding professional ethics and professional values in business

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About this Course

1) Estimated effort – 50 hours of study in total, divided into 10 weeks; 2) Course is on demand; 3) Delivery – Online study; 4) Tutor session – Either live or recording sessions available on a weekly basis; 5) Course developed by ACCA; 6) Course content created by Epigeum (Part of Oxford University Press); 7) Course hosted by


Applied Knowledge

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