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UK Taxation - Introduction (FREE)

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This UK Taxation Introduction course features selected content from the ACCA TX course materials, taught by our experienced tutor, Paul Russell. Paul is a highly knowledgeable tax expert with extensive experience in tutoring taxation. Over the years, he has successfully guided numerous students, including ACCA ATX prize winners and ACCA qualified members who initially struggled with ACCA tax exams but achieved success after receiving Paul's tuition. The course is divided into eight sections, each covering a different aspect of taxation: Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Value Added Tax. Paul introduces the fundamental concepts of each tax category and provides guidance on performing simple tax computations. Drawing from his teaching experience, Paul also shares valuable insights on effective study approaches for taxation exams. Additionally, he highlights 15 crucial topics frequently encountered in taxation exams, as he has observed that many students struggle in these areas, while examiners consistently include them in the exams. This course is suitable for students interested in UK taxation, those preparing for the ACCA TX exam, or individuals seeking to refresh their foundational knowledge of UK tax for the ACCA ATX exam.

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