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ACCA FM (Financial Management)
Revision Course

Welcome to Got it Pass ACCA Financial Management (FM, was F9) Revision course!

After your self-study or watching our tuition course videos, you are not confident whether you are ready for the exam.

Don't worry!

Our revision course is designed to focus on explaining how to answer exam questions.

In addition, more time are spent in important and challenging concepts that can definitely help you to pass ACCA Financial Management exam in one shot.


The course is divided into 7 classes and each class is divided into different short videos.


You can either watch a whole class for about 3 hours or watch different components to meet your needs in a flexible way.

Revision Course is expected to complete in 8 weeks but with us, you can flexibly decide what time you study and you can spend shorter than 8 weeks in completing the revision course with more hours per week of study.

Let's start now!

Download our revision course questions & answers booklet

Running Track

Revision Class 1

Investment Appraisal

Jumping Over Water

Revision Class 4

Working Capital Management

Sports Facility

Revision Class 7

Business Valuation & Financial Management Environment

Track Race

Revision Class 2

Investment Appraisal & Business Finance

Man running with bridge in background

Revision Class 5

Working Capital Management & Risk Management

Running Down Stairs

Revision Class 3

Business Finance

Group Running

Revision Class 6

Risk Management & Business Valuation

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