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ACCA FM (Financial Management)
Online Course

Got it Pass offers you ACCA Financial Management (FM, was F9) online courses for FREE!

With years of experiences in teaching ACCA Financial Management, we are glad to offer you free courses in learning fundamental knowledge and technical skills in ACCA Financial Management for your exam.  

In addition, we offer you revision courses so that key past paper questions are gone through for you to prepare the exam.

Our course is divided into different short videos in which you can either watch a whole lecture for 3 hours or watch different components to meet your needs in a flexible way.

Full course (Tuition Course and Revision Course) is expected to complete in 16 weeks, which is the suggested learning time by ACCA for a single subject.  

With us, you can flexibly decide what time you study and you can spend shorter than 16 weeks in completing the full course with more hours per week of study.

Alternatively, you can complete in 16 weeks by spending more study hours when it is closer to the exam by focusing on revision course and practice questions.

Choose one of the following options to start!


Audience and Lecturer

Tuition Course

The course is designed to help you studying all basic and core knowledge for ACCA Financial Management exam.

Person Writing

Revision Course

After taking the tuition course, you would like to focus on how to solve exam questions and exam techniques, it is suitable to you.

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