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ACCA FR (Financial Reporting)
Resources for study

In addition to ACCA Financial Reporting (FR, was F7) study text, ACCA suggests students to read through the published technical articles to have better understanding of selected topics.


It is the purpose for Got it Pass to prepare ACCA Financial Reporting (FR, was F7) brief study notes in pdf for you.  We put them all in one pdf file with a summary and relevant questions to help your study.


Besides, we prepare mind maps and other resources to help you to prepare for the exam to pass!

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Course Highlights

  • Tuition and revision videos 

  • Study and revision notes

  • Tutor support 

  • Mock exam with feedback

ACCA Relational Diagram_1809.jpg

Relational Chart

Do you know the relation between different papers?  This diagram is a good reference to you to plan well on your road to ACCA qualification. 


Click the button below to download, it is free!


You can read our article for more!

Mind Map_FR_Section A.jpg

Mind Maps

Mind maps help your study in two ways: 1. Planning your study; 2. Revision to ensure no key concepts are missed.


Five mind maps are prepared for you to download, just click to read all of them!

Brief Notes_Cover Page.jpg

Brief Notes

ACCA approved content study texts are highly recommended for your exam preparation.  But our brief notes are supplementary to you on difficult topics.


You should find they are useful!

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A lot of students ask whether they need Paper FR textbook and some tutors said it's their own choice.

If your answer to either of question below is yes, buy the book:

  1. Are you doing self-study with some popular tutor's notes? 

  2. Do you commit to ACCA study?

Draft your study plan, buy a textbook and follow the plan strictly is the path to success.

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Technical Articles

It is a section sharing with you on ACCA Financial Reporting (FR, was F7) technical articles to help you understanding of complex concepts in simple way.  In addition, you can find exam tips in our examiner review report on ACCA Financial Reporting exam.

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