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ACCA Business and Technology
BPP Learning Media Textbook Review

Are you looking for ACCA textbook review before starting your study?  Here I will review one of the textbooks for you to consider before you kick off the journey to exam.

There are different ACCA Business and Technology (BT, was AB/F1) textbooks in market.  BPP Learning Media, an ACCA approved content provider^ for many years, publishes the book for students preparing ACCA BT/FBT exam.

Being an ACCA BT/FBT student, you may not have a business background. The book introduces to the business which as an entity is made up of people and systems which interact with the environment and with each other.

The study text begins with examining the purpose and types of business which exist, the key stakeholders and the rights and responsibilities that businesses have in connection with them. External influences to business such as economic, legal, social and technological factors are discussed.

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The book moves on next topic which is about corporate governance and specific accounting related roles in the structure and functions of business.  The roles, such as financial reporting, assurance, control and compliance are discussed in details.  It is followed by introducing key leadership, management and people issues, for example, individual and team behaviour, motivation, training and performance appraisal.

The final section examines two areas -

  1. Personal effectiveness and communications;

  2. All aspects of business and finance conducted in a manner which complies with and is in the spirit of accepted professional ethics and professional values.

The textbook is written in the same sequence as ACCA BT syllabus in which you can easily refer to the syllabus from top to bottom for the chapters studied.


Moreover, there are a number of helpful features in each chapter to guide you through different topic, such as Exam Focus Point shows when and how specific topics were examined, or how they may be examined in future.

What I appreciate the most is the number of practice questions.  In addition to the Quick Quiz section in the end of each chapter to test your knowledge, there are over 100 questions at back of the textbook for practice and you can check against the practice answers which is very helpful in your study.

Nonetheless, the font and spacing do not look very good and I find it is a bit wordy.  However, the content and questions are in good quality and adequate which are useful for you to pass the exam. I recommend this book to anyone preparing ACCA BT/FBT exam.

^ Textbook contents are reviewed by ACCA examination team

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The ACCA BT Practice and Revision Kit contains a bank of questions and two mock exams.


In order to ensure that you cover questions from all areas of the syllabus, the question bank is split into sections in line with the Study Text chapter headings. This also helps you to identify and focus on areas of weakness.


There are also eight mixed banks of questions from across the syllabus. The two mock exams provide you with extra practice.

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# Terms & Conditions Apply


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